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The 52nd Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalists list has been announced!


See world's best nature photos of the 2016!

The collection will be on display for the very first time at Natural History Museum, London - starting October 21st.  

If you want to try your chances, notice that the next competition, WPY 53, will open on 24 October 2016 and close on 15 December 2016!


More information: CLICK HERE


Splitting The Catch By Audun Rikardsen, Norway

Swarming Under The Stars By Imre Potyó, Hungary

Nosy Neighbour By Sam Hobson, UK

The Disappearing Fish By Iago Leonardo, Spain

Playing Pangolin By Lance Van De Vyver, New Zealand/South Africa

Termite Tossing By Willem Kruger, South Africa

Crystal Precision By Mario Cea, Spain

Blast Furnace By Alexandre Hec, France

Collective Courtship By Scott Portelli, Australia

Thistle-Plucker By Isaac Aylward, UK

Golden Relic By Dhyey Shah, India

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